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Sing Industry Online RSVP & Home Page Development & Hosting, On Site QR Code Event Registration And Electronic Lucky Draw System

Sample Home Page Templates

Sing Industry 20 Years of Achievements


Sing Industry was legally registered as a business entity in Singapore on since 13 May 1994, and commenced business since 16 May 1994.

For over 2½ decades, SI Event Administrator ™ (flagship product) has been providing behind-the-scene administrative services for Dinner and Dances, Road Shows, Product Launches and Corporate Seminars.

Today, after more than 25 years of experience, and served over thousands of events, Sing Industry is proud to showcase SI Event Administrator Dot Net™ with new modules and exciting Online Services (New!).

Flagship Module 2020:

After 25 years of service to the Event Industry in Singapore, Sing Industry is proud to announce the launch of SI Event Administrator Dot Net Version 20™. Along with this release come four new Modules:

Module 1:
Online RSVP, "No Frills" Home Page Development and Hosting

Having served many Event Managers who engaged our online services, we are aware of the common headaches associated with e-RSVP, Home Page Designing and Hosting.

Fundamentally, we recognized that Event Managers have more important things to do than worrying about text colors, screen effects and the problems associated with sending customizable EDMs with QR Codes for On-Site Registration.

Sing Industry "No Frills" Home Page Development (optional e-RSVP) and Hosting (aka SI Home Page) takes those mundane problems away from event management in general.

Using SI Home Page is as easy as choosing a template and then email the event images to Sing Industry Development Team.

Yes. That's all!

Give it a try. Have a look at some of our templates below and from now on, leave the mundane RSVP data management to SI and never concern with Home Page designs again. (Instead, just get richer from it! LOL!).

Template #1: Basics

Template #2: Elegant

Template #3: Sophisticated

Template #4: Corporate

Template #5: Professional

Module 2:
Service-On-Demand Event Registration System

(The backdrop, button font, size, color and location are customizable)
Service-On-Demand Event Registration System

Apart from the standard features of Barcode or QR Code Registration System, scanning could be via

1) Web-Cam (upper right of picture above)
2) (optional) After registration a selfie could be taken for Selfie Lucky Draw later.
3) On-Screen Keypad/keyboard (lower right of picture above)

Advanced features include linking to

SI Dynamic Seat Allocation System

(The backdrop, font, size, color and location of seats are customizable)
Event Registration System: Dynamic Seat Allocation Module

This new module automatically allocates a seat to the registered Guest.

The Allocation rule is simple: First-Come-Better-Seat (FCBS).

1) The image above shows VIP are all pre-allocated (orange color). The rest of the seats are marked as Zone 1, 2, 3, .... with Zone 1 having the best seats.

2) Allocation will start from Zone 1 until all the seats are exhausted then proceed to Zone 2, 3, etc.

3) Additional features include viewing who's arrived as shown in the Green Textbox.

Module 3:
Barcode or QR Code Registration System

Sing Industry Registration System is a state-of-the art attendance tracking system with powerful add-ons. Registration System

Showing on the screen above is a demonstration of complex attendance tracking:

1) Standard operation: Track overall attendance.

2) Specialized Operation: Track by family structure; or by session (morning/afternoon) real time.

3) Real-time seating view:

'Live-Seat' add-on

This is a sleek way to know who's here and who's not. The seat occupancy is updated automatically and view from a hand-held tablet:

Real-time attendance tracking. Live Seating view

Another useful add-on is 'Scan n Print'.

'Scan n Print' add-on

As the name implies, upon scanned, the system prints out a sticker label (with optional backdrop) or on a pre-printed A6 lanyard within 15 seconds.
(Watch the video below.)

Play Full Screen

'Selfie QR Code Registration (Scan)' add-on

First introduced at Q4 of 2016, ‘Selfie Scan’ is a multi-webcam add-on that allows the Guest to be registered via their mobile devices, and then take a selfie and use that selfie for print or for Lucky Draw.

WebCam Selfie and QR Registration System

With the above add-ons, and a comprehensive reporting system, SI Registration System is the most feature-rich system yet.

Best of all, SI Barcode / QR Code Registration System joins seamlessly with SI Electronic Lucky Draw System:

Module 4:
Electronic Lucky Draw System

Sing Industry Lucky Draw System is a feature-rich auditable electronic lucky draw system.

First introduced to the event arena in 1994, SI Lucky Draw system is the ‘first born’ of Sing Industry. Sing Industry pioneered electronic Lucky Draw system in Singapore even before there was Windows 95.

The Amiga PC

Through the years, after 25 generations of software upgrades, SI Lucky Draw System is ready to face Auditors and complex draw scenarios.

Selfie Electronic Lucky Draw (NEW)

Yes, take selfie during Registration with 'Selfie Scan' add-on, and then show them during electronic lucky draw!

Computerized Electronic Lucky Draw System

Sing Industry like to thank all the Event Managers who supported us for over a Quarter Century!

As a leader in Barcode / QR Code Registration and Electronic Lucky Draw systems, Sing Industry endeavors to continue bridging modern technologies to Events.

Thank You!

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Business Consultant

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Software Consultant

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Thank you for choosing Sing Industry.
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